House maids suppliers in Qatar

House maid recruiting is an uphill task for any family interested to hire a full time maid in Qatar. Nobel Gulf is not only one of the best but also a very professional maid hiring agency in Doha, Qatar for hiring full time live in maids. The maid profiles we provide to you to choose from are trained and experienced maids. You can trust us as one of the most credible House Maid Agencies or House maid supplying companies in Qatar. The coming mega event in Qatar which is the FIFA World Cup – 2022 will have many expats moving into Qatar this will increase the demand for maids and the government is coming out with new regulations for housemaids and nannies.

How to find a full time maid in Qatar?

To the question of how to find a full time maid in Qatar, we at Nobel Gulf have a solution. We offer you a range of full time house maid candidates or nannies of different nationalities to choose from. We not only help you chose, we organize an interview for you to have a conversation and decide on the right candidate as a house maid or nanny for your home. We do background checks and will also complete all the requirements as per law to ensure you have the maid working for you in the shortest of time in a legal and ethical manner.

We can also advise you on hiring a maid in Doha, Qatar, or sponsoring a full time maid or nanny in Qatar,

Why a fulltime housemaid or nanny?

Your might be a working couple and have children to be taken care of or you are busy with things that deter you from spending time on home chores, fulltime housemaids come in handy. You really need help to manage the home and kids for different reasons. The housemaids manage the household based on the responsibilities they have been given by you the employer. It is very safe to hire a housemaid or nanny supplied by us as we do all the required checks done before you hire the candidate. Time is money and we believe that the time you put in your job and your business can provide you with more income when you have someone trustworthy to take care of your home.

Cost of hiring a full time maid in Qatar:

While a full time maid is a very good help for household. The costs of hiring differs with agencies or full time house maid or Nanny suppliers. However, the the government fees usually do not change. The costs approximately work out to QAR. 15,000 in addition the monthly salary as agreed with the maid. In addition, it should also be noted that there are rules and regulations on how much a maid needs to be paid and weekly off to be provided. Salaries range from QAR 1,500 to 2,500 depending on the nationalities and how much you as the employer would like to pay. The maid will also need to be provided with a return ticket to her home town every two years. The government has passed laws to regulate hiring maids in Qatar

What will a house maid do?

House maids suppliers in QatarThis depends on what you want the house keeper to do and this also needs to be negotiated in detail and confirmed during the interview or hiring process. However, in general, a housekeeper will help you to keep your home clean and organized on a regular basis. Standard duties like cleaning the main areas of your house, such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Housekeepers may also clean the floors, mop, vacuum, remove dust from furniture, clean toilets, showers, mirrors and sinks in every bathroom, and change bed linens in every bedroom. The house maids can help in cooking, taking care of the children, your pets too. They can also do laundry and folding clothes.

To conclude, Hiring a housemaid is possible in Qatar as long as you follow the rules laid down by the company. However, the process might get tedious and long. Nobel Gulf WLL can help you with the complete process from choosing the candidate to hiring the housemaid or nanny and renew visa, insurance and much more on your behalf.